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While each person with myasthenia gravis has a different diagnosis story, there are many similarities that connect our community. Find out how your experiences compare to others, and where your stories diverge! Vote in our polls to share your journey, and provide insight into the diagnosis experience.


Have you been clinically diagnosed with myasthenia gravis?


Which of the following best describes where you are in your MG journey?


How old were you when you were diagnosed with myasthenia gravis?

It can be difficult to diagnose MG because the symptoms may appear suddenly and then go away after rest, making it hard to receive an accurate diagnosis. Overall, each individual’s experience with the diagnostic process can vary and it can take the average person with MG about 3 years to get a correct diagnosis.


How long did it take before you were diagnosed?

Myasthenia gravis shares symptoms with many other medical conditions, like Multiples Sclerosis for example. The similarities in chronic conditions can prolong the diagnostic process as potential conditions are narrowed down.


Did you experience a misdiagnosis before being diagnosed with MG?

Raising awareness for MG is so important. In doing so, we can help others to grasp even just a small part of what people with MG deal with on a daily basis, and hopefully, bring others to a place of understanding and empathy.


Did you know what myasthenia gravis was prior to your diagnosis?

Coping with a myasthenia gravis diagnosis may cause feelings of isolation and distress. Although life with an invisible illness has its challenges, there are strategies that may help an individual cope, including several of the options listed here. Support groups, whether they are online or in-person, can also be a great asset when coping with myasthenia gravis or another invisible illness.


Have you found it difficult to discuss your diagnosis or symptoms with loved ones?

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