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Stressful Times Call for Relaxing Times with MG

Last updated: June 2022

When you have a disease such as myasthenia gravis (MG), learning how and when to rest and relax is key to a healthy existence!

We know stress with MG can determine our quality of life. So, how do we manage our stress when it takes an hour or more to complete a task that used to take 10 minutes? How do we relax when we know what needs to be done and we are unable to do it at the moment?

Taking a break

I have found at times I just have to walk away for a while. The last 2 plus years, my husband has had his own health issues and I’ve been taking care of him. My free time has all but disappeared.

Though he’s doing much better now, he is still not doing as well as he was before his illness hit. I still do a lot for him, as well as other household duties.

However, I have been making more effort to stop and take a break once in a while. But how do you relax? Taking a break is only part of taking the time to relax. So, how do I relax? Here we go!

Time with my husband

I enjoy visiting and brainstorming with my husband. We plan our garden, holiday decorations, family holidays, and our own personal time.

I know it sounds crazy, but keeping my mind and hands busy most of the time is more relaxing to me than kicking back in a recliner to watch TV ... although that is great at times, too!

I love watching mostly older movies on TV and I enjoy watching TV with my husband. However, there are some movies I like, but he doesn’t ... and some he likes but I don’t. Our solution? One of us watches what we want on the other TV, or we record them and watch something else together.

Being around family

I also love being around family. I love seeing our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I love watching the little ones play and enjoy visiting with the older ones.

We like to grill, have parties, campfires, and just get together for a great time. Oh, what fun!

Listening to music

And then there’s my music! I love listening to music, I love singing, and I love playing my keyboard/piano. When I’m feeling really depressed or stressed by something, listening to gospel music helps calm me down, especially 2 particular songs.

I found refuge in my music when I played the piano as a child. My parents and siblings always knew what kind of mood I was in by what I was playing and how I was playing it.

When I was in a good place, the music was generally soft and low. They were easygoing songs. However, when I was angry or upset, the music I chose was loud, fast, and dramatic.

It always calmed me down and still does. Playing my music relaxes me and makes me feel better about everything. It’s true what they say about music calming the savage beast!

Improving quality of life

I encourage everyone to try and catch time when you can to relax and do what you enjoy. Make time to do what you love and do what relaxes you.

I've found it leads to a better quality of life to find that something relaxing and take the time to do it.

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