10 Week Update: My Vyvgart Experience

Last updated: August 2022

My Vyvgart treatment started May 18, 2022. I am at 10 weeks from that start date. Here is an earlier update I posted.

Included in my start kit was a book where I track my progress, once a week on the same day of the week, and then it’s put into a graph starting from week one. This is a great tool because you see how you are responding. I am grateful to have had such a good experience. Even though some symptoms are returning and annoying, I want to stress I still feel good!

Symptom tracking

My Vyvgart graph shows an actual ‘U’ shape. I went down rapidly and seem to be coming up in almost the same way. Week 8 I had some ptosis return, intermittently. Week 9 ptosis increased to a couple more days a week. Then, slurring, swallowing issues, and double vision returned intermittently and all were corrected with 60 mg 3x day Pyridostigmine, however, these symptoms return when it wears off. Muscle weakness has not returned.

Results as promised

It’s at this point where I see the return of symptoms is on the rise I will definitely want a second round. I am at 3 weeks from the end of the 72-day interval, and I feel It worked pretty much exactly as promised. I had no side effects, no issues during these weeks, no infections no cough.

Realistic expectations

Everyone is different with their myasthenia gravis, and my expectation was not to be symptom-free but rather under control enough to have good days, I am very happy with my response to it. I hope this post helps you make an informed decision.

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