My Dream of Becoming A Doctor

I was diagnosed 6 years after the onset of my symptoms. Two months before of my medical entrance test, my condition suddenly got so bad that I ran out of breath in the middle of the night. This was during COVID-19 lockdown and we went to the hospital but the doctor said that I just had a very bad cold.

I went back to the hospital later and I was finally tested when they discovered I had a dangerous vitamin B12 deficiency. I was able to get treated for that and I was also getting my eyes treated for the past three years but that doctor was also unable to diagnose MG.

Finally, a diagnosis and a treatment

After all these symptoms when I went back to him. He said I might have a rare disease which I had read in my biology book. (I was in dental school at the time but had to drop out).

I was severely depressed but ended up getting diagnosed and got my thymectomy about two years ago. I am still depressed sometimes but I am aspiring to become a neuroscientist now. I can enter my neurosciences master's program this year.

Taking it all into perspective

These two years have taught me that I am still nervous to face a doctor even though I have dreamed of becoming one, I hate to see them. Even though I have gained a lot of weight and my eyesight has become so poor, I am still standing tall and will face anything.

If life gives me lemons I will definitely make lemonade out of it and drink it whole. This is not the end but a new chapter of my life and I will write it!

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