My Brief MG Story

I was 60 years old before I agreed to be tested for MG. Before that I was in denial. My younger sister had been diagnosed with MG 25 years earlier. I knew that her symptoms were more evident than mine were.

After 2 different doctors told me they thought I had MG I considered testing. I put it off. My vision and droopy eyelids didn't bother me very much. After a stressful situation and I was tired, I was driving home. I had a real surprise. My left hand was on the steering wheel and my right hand was on the gear shift. My left hand fell off the steering wheel into my lap! Why did that happen? I immediately put both hands on the steering wheel. A similar thing happened a few weeks later.

I decided that something was seriously wrong.

No pain. No obvious reason for my hand to let go. My family doctor was insistent that I see a neurologist that specializes in MG. Lots of testing and then a Tensilon test indicated I did in fact have MG. Looking back over the years I can see that when I thought I was just an awkward girl I was really experiencing MG. Mother very often told me to pick up my feet because I scuffed or dragged them. I had two specific falls caused by my left hand let loose when I was playing on playground equipment. My first memory of that was when I was 6 years old.

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