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My Journey with MG

On November 18th, 2021, I suffered from horrendous double vision. Weeks earlier, I started having issues with bladder control. I visited my GP and was immediately sent to the stroke ward at my local hospital and admitted.

A CT-SCAN found masses of nasal polyps. Stroke ruled out, steroids issued for a month but no change. Left eyelid closed, bladder issue worsened and by mid-December, my voice changed to a slurring of words, and I was unable to make myself understood.

Finding the right doctor

My GP had a prostate examination carried out but no sign of cancer. Placed on meds to help bladder issues, but my eyelid was still closed by early January 2022. Opticians test carried out, said they had no idea, but eyes showed terrible double vision.

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I spoke to my GP and was visibly upset as my eyelid worsened and my voice too. He managed to secure an eye appointment with a specialist in mid-January 2022, and within minutes, he diagnosed MG.

A life-changing diagnosis

I have been off work since mid-November, I'm now on medication for MG, eye now open, voice mostly normal, but bladder still nightmare. My life has changed, I'm so exhausted, any little exercise leaves me shattered, hours after medication my eyes become tired. I worry I will never get back to work or drive again.

MG is life-changing, and I'm reading everything about it, and to already suffer from arthritis in the knee and with operations canceled, recurring nasal polyps, and having recovered from cancer, I see it as the biggest challenge of my life.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to being part of this community.

Steve Wright

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