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Challenges I Faced to Get the Final Diagnosis

I am a 22-year-old female from Uganda and a midwife by profession. I started experiencing symptoms around late 2019, mainly difficulty in speech and swallowing. At that time, I was still a medical student and I kept with it until my mom started complaining about how I was changing when it came to eating.

A ventilator but still no diagnosis

I kept thinking I would get better until around March of 2020 when it was becoming worse and I decided to seek treatment. The doctors still didn't know what to diagnose. Around October 2020 the condition became worse for me I went into a crisis where I was needed to be aided by the ventilator to breathe. Using the ventilator machine they still didn't know the diagnosis.

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A second crisis

I got better and reported back to school but after a week I went into crisis I was still supported by the ventilator to breathe, though this time both of my body muscles were becoming weaker.

Leg weakness

Around May 2021 they decided to test acetylcholine antibodies test which confirmed myasthenia gravis positive. Since May, I have been on mestinon and prednisone. But my main question is, are there any treatments for weakness in the legs because it's the worst symptom for me.

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