My Journey Continues

Earlier I wrote about being 73 and waiting for help. I felt pretty hopeless. Since then I have met with my neurologist. It was a great meeting. My diagnosis was confirmed and all the other health issues were discussed. Steroids were a poor choice for me because of being pre-diabetic.

What I was prescribed

So I began Mestinon which made me feel better right away. I then began four weekly infusions of Vyvgart. I was being asked if Vyvgart was making a difference. I did feel better each week. But I didn’t know if it was the Vyvgart or the infusions or both. I’m on the mandatory wait until round two.

My results so far

I’m 11 days since my last infusions. I had about five days of feeling fine. Then things came crashing down.

I am seriously not well. My arms are so weak it is hard to reach out to take hold of something. I have double vision, and I’m out of breath doing anything. Fatigue is overwhelming. I hurt all over. I see my neurologist next Friday to discuss my upcoming thymectomy. I have a tumor so it has to come out. I’m really concerned.

How I cope

Meanwhile, I’ll continue with my Mestinon. I do get some relief after I take it. So we will see how this goes. Every day is a new day.

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