Life Changing MG

I was 21 years old when I experience some symptoms in late 2018. Symptoms started with chewing and swallowing difficulty that was gradual. Then muscle weakness of my arms but I still could not understand what was the problem with me.

Noticeable changes

My mother noticed a change in my facial expressions but still, she was thinking that I simply suffered from body weakness. She brought me to an ENT specialist for chewing and swallowing difficulty.

In early 2019 I got married and I faced more difficulties around that time with chewing, swallowing, walking, combing my hair, and doing my daily routine.

Going into crisis

One day in March 2020, I went into crisis and needed a ventilator for breathing. My doctor appointed a neurologist and finally they diagnosed me with generalized MG. After that, I was on pyridostigmine 60 mg for the last 2.5 years and other steroids.

After this medication, my MG got worse. In August 2020 I go through with IVIG. The IVIG works well but the side effects are so annoying. I put on 10 to 15 kg and I am unable to fit in my clothes.


During this period my husband and family are beside me. They taught me not to give up the fight for myself. In early 2021, I felt more normal with my MG. I went through a thymectomy in June 2021. Nowadays, I can run my life easier but with some exceptions.

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