Recovering from Crisis and...

Hi, I’m a 54-year-old Canadian woman who was scheduled for bariatric surgery at the beginning of September….

But then...

I was discharged after being in the neuro unit for a week because of a myasthenic crisis.

Myasthenia, what?

My ophthalmologist ran blood tests, in late August/early September, which identified this diagnosis. A disease I had never heard of before.

I have a lot of specialist appointments this week. I’m on Mestinon (60mg 4x daily) which doesn’t seem strong enough and prednisone (dosage being adjusted all over the place, I’m not functional at even 1/2 tab).

Where do I go from here?

I’m not sure how to ‘manage’ this. Is it a disease? A disorder? Is there a remission? So much conflicting information. I’m researching as much as I can but have a lot of added stress and anxiety right now due to the dire need for employment.
I never feel rested but never really feel sleepy, either.

Is there someone out there who can help to direct me please? I’m really not too confident about how to best manage this.

Thanks and be well.

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