Never Been Sick

I have always been very healthy. Never sick, didn't even take an aspirin. On Friday, 2/12/21 I had my first Moderna COVID shot. On Sat. I had a sore arm. Then on Sunday as I was smoking my pipe it kept falling out of my mouth, couldn't figure it out.

More symptoms started appearing

This persisted on and off for the next few weeks. Then on Friday, 3/12/21 I got my second dose of the Moderna. On Sat. I was as sick as a dog. On Sunday my tinnitus took off like a rocket ship and on Monday I got full blown lock jaw. Called the VA where I got the shot and they said these issues would ease up in a week or so. By Wed. after the shot I had severe back pain and I would get completely bent over. By the second week my eyes were closing, double and blurred vision on and off and I started having trouble breathing if I reclined or laid down.

My experience in the emergency room

On Sunday, 4/11/21 I couldn't catch my breath even if I was sitting up or standing. Went to the doctor first thing in the AM on 4/12/21. He sent me right to the emergency room telling me he thought I had MG. At this point I didn't know what he meant. When I got into the ER they asked me to take off my shirt, as I did I just went down. When I came to I was in the ICU with a CPAP mask, 4 IV's and the rest of the goodies. Once they got me stable and letting the CPAP do its job they told me I had MG and explained it all to me. The next day they explained that I had coded with acute respiratory failure and pneumonia. 4 days in the ICU and 4 days in an observation room, IVIG and antibiotics. Came home on 4/20/21 with a boat load of meds. Today is 6/9/21 and just started feeling better the past week.

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