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MG with a colostomy

I am wondering if anyone has an ostomy of any kind?
I am having a permanent Colostomy with rectum removed in 5 days.
It will be a 4–6-hour surgery. And wondering if any one else with MG has been through this?

  1. Hi Lisakay,
    Thanks for responding. Prayers are always welcome thank-you!!
    I can't even imagine going through a colon perforation & an MG crisis at the same time. My MG specialist got a hold of my surgeon and let him know that I could have NO Magnesium under any conditions. he also had me take a high dose of steroids the day of and after surgery to aid in recovery. Surgery was on a Wednesday afternoon & I was home Saturday afternoon.

    I am doing better than I have for years after the Colostomy. I getting to be a pro at changing bags already.
    But I was just put on liquid "Cellcept" instead of the pills. With the bag I found out that I have not been digesting this immunosuppressant for the Myasthenia Gravis at all for the last 3 years.

    Prayers for you also!!

    1. Hi yes I have a cholestemy and also have gmg. I had a colon perferation and a myasthenia Gravis Crisis at the same time, last August. My surgery wasn't planned but I am grateful I have my cholestemy and I'm still here. Once you get the hang of it (the cholestemy) it's not as bad as it sounds. Since last August I have not had another crisis. Make sure the Doctors and nurses know not to give you any Magnesium by IV. It is black boxed and they kept wanting to give it to me several times. They finally made pills with not so much of it that I could take. One Doctor may know another about gmg but the next has no idea. Good luck and I'll day a prayer for you!πŸ’™

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