My Introduction to MG

I am 71 years old and was enjoying my retirement and, up until now, was doing 4-6 hours of heavy gardening/exercise 6 days a week.

How it began

My introduction to myasthenia gravis began suddenly. It started only 4 weeks ago with double vision, droopy eyelids, and difficulty breathing. The initial diagnosis was an allergic reaction but my symptoms worsened. The neurologist eventually diagnosed 'mild' MG with a positive outcome.

How it progressed

A week later, significant breathing difficulties heralded the start of a rapid onset MG crisis. I went into the ICU, and on a ventilator. Now I am diagnosed with 'severe' MG.

I had never heard of MG. Because of my wife's health background, we have thoroughly researched it. I now understand I am in for a long journey but I am prepared to be patient [ha ha].

The road ahead

I was started on a new regime of IVIG, immunosuppressants, and preventative drugs. My wife now has to carry the load of keeping me and our home together on her own. Having to stay isolated from children and grandchildren is hard but they understand. Hoping the New Year will see improvements and a bit of normality.

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