Yes Connie, This Is Another Connie

Well, I am 72 and was diagnosed this last September. I think I have had symptoms for years and blamed them on other things... weakness in walking because of my RA. Super tired because I was just getting old. I would go shopping with my 90-year-old Mother and come back exhausted for 2 days. I was a fall risk.

We decided to take a small vacation, I had been shopping with mom so the next day at the music museum I had to use a wheelchair. Went back to the motel and their hot tub looked good but I was too tired. I decided to go in the morning, no one was around, it was very nice.

Relaxation turned to panic

But between already being so tired now really, really weak... I couldn't get out of the hot tub. Even with my husband doing his best I fell breaking my ankle. A trip to ER. Than surgery. A couple of weeks later back to the ER. I was so sick.

Turns out my gallbladder had ruptured. No pain, but sick enough to be in ice for 2 weeks. After that and I was so weak. To merely stand for more than 5 seconds was impossible.

An early sign?

Everyone thought I was not trying hard enough. It was like that leg was paralyzed. Well, now I guess it kind of was. After lots of home therapy, and getting stronger, I could once again get myself up from the floor.

Other symptoms... and a diagnosis

Then I hit a wall. Weak, all over, again. Then the problem with not being able to swallow right - only half a sip or I would choke. My voice would sound funny, and I couldn't talk for long. Then the double vision. Then one night I couldn't catch my breath.

Ended up in the ER again. The doctor figured I was having a heart attack, sent me to the right place, and I finally found the doctor that diagnosed my MG. Lots of test treatments and so on.

But my husband is still so worried sick! He doesn't want me to go anywhere without him. He's afraid that I will start coughing and he won't be able to get help. He says everything I have put him through these last few months (and the last 55 years) is fine. Now just going through just a cold as the doctor says, I am sure all of you know that we don't ever have just a cold. Hang in there Connie.

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