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The Wave of It All!

My name is Grady. I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis four years ago.

This past year, 2023, I began noticing that my MG symptoms were becoming worse. My eyes were drooping, my chewing becoming more difficult and my swallowing becoming worse. I believed that I was in an MG flare-up for a whole week and eventually realized that I was actually in CRISIS.

Crisis mode

I drove my car straight to the emergency room in Murray, KY, where I lived. It was only 3 blocks from my house. The attending doctor said it was JUST an anxiety attack and sent me home. I told her that I KNEW I was in crisis. Their response was, “The numbers don’t lie," because my numbers were like that of an athlete.

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At-home treatment

So I spent another week in crisis. My in-home nurse began to give me IVIG infusions. I had 2 doses that second week in crisis because of my neurologist but on the day of my next infusion, Saturday, April 21, 2023, I texted my in-home health my vitals and she said, “Call 911, Grady."I had to call my cousin next door because I did not have strength enough to tell 911 about my circumstances.

A different ER experience

So back to the hospital emergency room again but thankfully the male ER doctor immediately decided that I needed to be life-flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN.

From the moment I stepped into the facility I have been treated with respect and dignity. One MICU nurse, Caleb, became the most important person in my life that day. The other amazing thing about this man is that he is studying to become a CRNA which is so important to someone like me with MG. I am most grateful to him!


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