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Cooking with MG

Like so many others, I have had difficulty eating and even more difficulty in cooking my own meals. As such, I have become dependent on family members for food and support while usually lying in bed, not participating.

That is until a few weeks ago. I began one of the subscription food delivery plans. One where I can pick the easier to prepare meals, all ingredients arrive at my front door weekly (another brings it into the house). The reality is, I likely can not do a whole meal on my own, but with the assistance of my kiddos or husband, we can have nice, fresh meals - and more plant based foods.

Also, I have found my airfryer to be of great assistance for meals and snacks.

As I have been combatting an MG Crisis, being able to do any of these things on my own is near impossible, however, these particular programs have assisted my family and self.

  1. I’m not sure quite about pressure cooking, but I have found that it does almost everything that you can do baking. I also found us a great way to heat up simple foods like sweet potato fries, and nuggets as well simple things as well as more complex things. I’ve been using it for an array of meals as have my kiddos. It’s also great for chicken and veggies!

      1. That’s a great idea! I do use an air fryer to make a lot of things. Especially if I’m cooking for myself by myself. It’s easy cleanup and another way you are you don’t have to stand. Ultimately it’s about finding the best balance of creating the food in the least stressful way possible our bodies.! (Team member Deborah)

        1. Hi , a food subscription sounds very convenient for your situation. It's alright to be dependent on your family especially the kids. I know as mothers we can sometimes guilt trip ourselves into thinking that we need to be at our best and do everything 95% of the time...well at least I feel like that. My youngest is 3 and I have him go get me water bottles or a bag of chips, you know, small things that he can comprehend and reach. Most importantly I hope you are near the end of your MG crisis. Best wishes. - Jazmin (team member)

          1. thank you so much! And yes it is OK to be dependent on family and such. My almost 13 year old does quite a lot to help me, although I’m also very cognizant of the fact that this diagnosis and how it interacts with my body is definitely hard on them. And thank you. This crisis is over now although I am in hospital right now waiting to get some teeth extracted and my MG are flaring up.

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