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Fatigue/exhaustion in arms and legs

I was diagnosed in December 2022 with MG. It seems that some of the most common and bothersome symptoms I have experienced are exhaustion/fatigue in my arms and legs at different times. For example, my arms will become tired and sore after driving for hours. They may become tired and sore after typing for a period of time. My legs seem to quickly become tired and sore after standing for periods of time and get to the point where I have to sit or lay down. I am still physically active and jog 3 to 4 times a week, as well as other exercise but these simple task I guess requiring repetitive use of the same muscles are exhausting at times and lead to a feeling of a burning exhaustion like I have been engaged in some high intensity exercise routine or workout…. Anybody have anything similar?

  1. Yes, I was started on Mestinon 60 3x per day. I just had a follow up appointment and the dose was increased to 4x per day…. I have other problems with breathing and drooping eyelid, etc. to name a few, but the exhaustion and almost burning pain in the legs at the end of many days is by far the worse symptom and now the arms seem to doing something similar with slightly less drastic impact. Although, I did have to pull over and let someone else drive home from out of town the other day because I just couldn’t take the soreness/tiredness feeling in my arms from holding the steering wheel…. That was a first.

    1. Jason, this is a characteristic occurrence with generalized MG. You are on the more active end of the spectrum for us with MG. I had a crisis two years ago, but now like you, the only symptom I experience is a weakness with repetitive movement. Tolerable, however, but it definitely takes an adjusting period to stop being so bothered by the inconvenience/limitation.

      Are you on any MG treatments?

      - Jodi, Team Member

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