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Immunosuppressed in a Vaxxed World

The masks are off...except at our house. After 2 different vaccines, my husband (on imuran and mestinon) still has no measurable antibodies. There are other tests, but the doctor recommends maintaining the mask and social distancing. Do we explain or just smile behind our COVID wardrobe?

  1. You so clearly represent how we feel. Watching TV tonight they are now saying that a totally "healthy" vaxxed family member can infect another without any symptoms at all. So I must also be in "quarantine" with hubby.

    But I'm puzzled by your neuro's advice. Ours told hubby to vax as soon as possible, and when the first dose didn't show a lot of antibodies, she advised him to repeat it immediately. But she said take it anyway.

    1. I totally understand. My husband and I are still "religiously" wearing our masks, and we get strange looks in a pretty conservative northern town. Even in normal times he had resistance problems after Rituxan so I understand. I'm actually writing something in a community publication asking people to be sensitive to individual needs. It's important for this community to not only support that sort of extra caution but to do what we can to explain it. Juliana (team member.)

      1. Hi Juliana, I have struggled with this myself, as my neurologist hasn't cleared me to get the Covid vaccine yet. I got Rituxan in February, and am waiting until next month to get the vaccine. Even then, we're not sure how effective it will be if I will be needing more Rituxan treatments. Now that the world is reopening and friends are going out, it's hard to explain to them how careful our family needs to be. It's hard seeing everyone return to their "normal lives," while I still worry about accidentally catching Covid.

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