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A tuning point of healing MG

My healing journey reached a turning point when I first got in touch with self-healing Qigong meditation. I was in my friend’s car. His wife showed me the Chinese book and said: “There is an old saying: Feed the medicine to the dead horse. Since you got the uncured disease, you may want to try this last resort. “ I looked at the title of the book: Life saving method. I agreed with her and told her that I would try and I borrowed that book about life, which finally changed my healing route of Myasthenia Gravis.

That day I had Taiji class with my friend Larry and his wife Ling, and almost at the end of the class, I felt fatigue suddenly in the leg muscles and I fell to the ground. I was in the last row of the class, I thought nobody saw me felling and quit the class quietly. My friend followed me and asked me what happened. I trusted him and told him I got a disease called Myasthenia Gravis and I felt very weak. Moreover my eyes could not see clearly. I thought I could not drive home safely. He was so kind and offered me a ride.

If I hadn’t attended the Taiji Kungfu class that day, or if I hadn’t fallen to the ground during Taiji practice, or I didn’t meet my friends in the Kungfu class, I might never have the chance to learn whole body meditation.

After I was back home, I gave up Taiji because I felt my legs were weaker and weaker as time went by. I also gave up all other sports I did before. My most favorite sport was ping pong . I could not see the ball clearly because double vision. I lost games to opponents all the time. They asked me: what happened, it was not your level.

I started to read the book on Nov 10 2007. I took notes of all the key points in the book. It was the new route of journey. I was optimistic. The book gave me the hope to go back to normal again.

The book talked about four things: 1) what is health? 2) why do we get sick? 3) how to use our own body to heal? 4) how to lead a well-planned life?

The self-healing concept was easy and simple: Tap into our inborn ability to heal through the whole body: physically, mentally and spiritually. The practice was also simple: just be still, and follow the posture for at least 30 minute, that was called one section.

But the truth was: It was hard for me. My strength was very limited, I didn’t like any postures like raise my hands or bending knees. Washing my face and even walking used up my strength.

However, there was an inner voice in my ear: I would like to have bright eyes again, I would like to recover my physical strength too. I need to have a try.

A week later I decided to find a coach in order to really master this method.

At that moment I was at the turning point in the healing journey of Myasthenia Gravis. I took the first step of self-healing journey.

  1. I love hearing stories like this! Thank you so much for sharing. I much prefer an alternative route to healing than western medicine although I know there is a time and place for both. I would love to try this method of meditation. I might have missed it but did you mention the book title? I’m so happy to hear this method has worked for you and that you are doing so well! - Mallory (Myasthenia-Gravis Team Member)

    1. Tge book was out of stock. However there is a new book by the author in Amazon: whole body prayer. He told a story how he found this method by healing his swollen ankle by injury. I also experienced healing my legs and arms using the exact same posture. Hope you enjoy reading the book and if you are interested, you can contact me directly about how to start.

  2. this is so inspirational. I've tried meditation in the past but it wasnt something that stuck to me. I found it hard to concentrate on a single thought for 15mins or longer. My mind wonders a lot. But it's amazing how strong and complexed our mind is and how we can go through self healing by medication. Did you take any medications during this journey? Thats my ultimate goal. NO MORE MEDICATION. I love reading about how other people were able to get off of medication and live a life in remission by changing their diet, prayer, meditation, physical activity. I have to be honest I've tried many of these but I dont think I ACTIVELY tried. Thank you for sharing and being ann inspiration to me and others. - Jazmin (team member)

    1. Meditation is a skill and it needs practice to improve. A little meditation a day goes a long way. At least it could help relieve stress. I gradually taped the medcine(prednisone) down while practicing Qigong meditation. It took me 10 years to finally get off any medications. I think it needs patience and one needs to come up with a plan for recovery of health. Remember one is responsible for the health and dedication to put efforts on the diet, exercise, emotion control, meditation skills, work-life balance, …

    2. I couldnt agree more with you. Thank you. I have a lot to think about. Im in this cycle where I talk a lot about what I want to do instead of actually doing it and I think that's where I mostly fail. - Jazmin (team member)

  3. daniangong, thank you for your comments about your MG journey. How are you doing now? Hope you are doing well. Best wishes! - Janice ( Team)

    1. After I choose Qigong meditation for alternative, I added the practice as daily routine and improved the skills gradually. After three months, I could bend my knees for at least 30 minutes and after six months, I could raise my arms for more than 1 hour. Basically I reverted the generalized MG to just ocular MG and fully controlled my symptoms with low dose prednisone. Then I took another several years to fully get off any prednisone and all other medications. Since 2016, I didn’t take any medications and return to a normal and healthy life.

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