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Communicating about your myasthenia gravis

When you encounter a friend or associate who is not familiar with myasthenia gravis, how do you (simply but accurately) explain the condition?

  1. I explained to everyone whoever asked my disease that lost of communication gap between nerve n muscle ... antibodies breakdown........ whatever I have all the symptoms.....

    1. I tell them it's a neuromuscular disease that causes muscle weakness. Sometimes I will explain how the antibodies break down the communication between nerves and muscles.

      1. In our experience, it has been hard to get friends to realize that a) the condition may be significantly different day-to-day, and b) we need to really avoid colds, flus, stress more than normal folks, due to the fear of crisis. We have had to call 911 and get to intensive care twice when friends met us to dinner and "forgot" to tell us about the bronchitis/etc.

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