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Does anyone else have bowel/bladder issues with MG?

Ever since I've been diagnosed with MG, I have developed horrible bowel and bladder issues where nothing seems to want to come out. I've been using catheters on and off for the past couple of years. Does anyone else have similar issues?

    1. I also have the bowel and urine problem. I wear always all the time now. My eyes go shut on me and my speech is slurry. I’m having problems swallowing. So when I read all these other comments I know I’m not alone. Thank you all and I pray you all get this mg under control as I wish for myself.

      1. has anyone tried a sacral nerve stimulator? I know it helps with both retention/constipation and incontinence. Its been recommended to me couple times by GI doctors and urologists, but I wasn't sure if it would be safe to have with myasthenia I guess since it works on your nerve

        1. I do not see mention of that on our website, but I did find this article that discusses the topic and mentions Myasthenia gravis if you have yet to see it:

          Jodi, Team Member

      2. Fully agree with Sally. The pelvic floor [both sexes]/ external sphincter [male] are both striated nicotinic muscle and so should be vulnerable [in theory] to MG antibodies. I'm based in the UK and my neurologist who is the MG lead at a large centre refuses to accept that MG has any role in bladder misbehaviour. He states that any issues are caused by mestinon. Yes pyridostigmine does cause some issues with urgency and need to empty but personally these are generally manageable on good MG days. Again personally I have days when my bladder control is very poor with urgency/ accidents and frequency. These days are almost always bad MG days with increased symptoms and exhaustion. Mestinon may provide the urge to empty but I believe that MG weakens the ability to hold it all in!

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