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For the newly diagnosed

Being diagnosed with any condition can be challenging. Being diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease might feel impossible at first, but the good news is that it’s not impossible and you aren’t alone! We hope you find some comfort here. Feel free to ask questions and connect with others going through similar situations. We're here for you!

  1. Absolutely. You make a point that is worth repeating: Unlike a lot of medications, the key treatment for MG (Mestinon) must be taken in a timely manner. That means that the condition is always on our minds. Please keep close. We all learn from one another here, and have very good and experienced moderators to make sure the information is accurate. Juliana (team member)

    1. I hope those that are here invite others to join. I know from my husband's experiences how important "community" is--and how vital accurate information is--to keep him working toward recovery. There are many good treatments available, but almost all of them work slowly. (That's good! Suppressing an autoimmune reaction must be done carefully.) After 3 years hubby still occasionally gets discouraged. He wants it to disappear totally! And yet, he has had lots of progress. Expand the community and mutual support. Juliana (myasthenia-gravis team member.)

      1. yes sometimes I felt like that , m 32 only now future life is knocking at the door n m living with many medicine., Can't forget to take timely ... Thanks to community at least I can express my feelings ... Now I m accepted

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