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Are You Religious or Spiritual?

Do you identify with or employ religion or spirituality in your life?

Were you this way before your Myasthenia gravis diagnosis?

How have these practices, thoughts, and connections to something/someone/higher power/creator impacted your journey living with MG?

  1. I had my first spiritual experience with God as an 11 year old child and have benefited in many ways as I’ve grown older. Now more than 50 years later, Jesus has been with me through many a trial by fire. I dived into the shallow end of a swimming pool breaking C-5 vertebrae and escaped major injury. I nearly drowned in depression a few years later when my wife ran off with a younger man and took my two daughters. No matter how bad life has treated me at times, my worst days with Him are far better than my best days without him.
    MG diagnosed finally after nearly 10 doctors were basically convinced I was having a stroke, had already had a stroke, was or had several TIA’s or seizures. It is a somewhat mysterious condition. The symptoms for me started and continue with my speech being slurred. Two weeks later my eyesight became blurred by double vision. This week another symptom burst on the scene, intense neck pain.
    Without my faith, I would not have survived any of these life altering circumstances that happen to the just and the unjust.

    1. I am so glad religion is a light in your life that keeps you motivated and seeing the hope and positivity to come with the situations you have unfortunately been dealt with. Sending positive vibes your way

      -Jodi, Team Member

  2. I’m a Black female Catholic Christian. My family was baptized into Catholicism for over 70 years

    1. I am religious. And I see where she is coming from but everything she is wanting IS religious. She pretty much lays out the characteristics of salvation. That is why she keeps getting religious answers.

      1. Religious and spiritual

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