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What Test(s) Were Used to Diagnose Your MG?

What tests did doctors run to diagnose your MG?

Were imaging and bloodwork involved in your diagnosis?

  1. I'm still un-diagnosed with symptoms that have come and gone for over 20 years. When they have dramatically flared up, I sought medical help and had a number of tests to rule out other causes like lyme disease (blood test), Multiple Sclerosis (MRIs), RA (blood tests), etc. There are also blood tests for MG that show markers for about 80% of those with MG but nerve conduction tests and reaction to cold packs and medicines are the only way others are diagnosed - along with their clinical symptoms.

    The challenge is that MRI tests for MS also don't catch everyone with that disease and a person may have more than one ailment which muddies the water.

    So imaging is used to exclude MS or other diseases, not confirm MG. Bloodwork is also done to confirm a person has MG or leave them with a question about what the cause of their symptoms are.

    1. Right there with you!! Did they do MRI of the spinal also? Some people with MS don't have brain lesions but spinal lesions!! I do have 2 brain lesions in the correct place for MS also but being pushed aside as age related. Best Wishes!! Sally (Team Member).

    2. - yes they did an MRI of my upper spine as well and I don’t seem to have any lesions there either. But as you know there are people with MS that show no lesions anywhere on the MRI tests.

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