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What Test(s) Were Used to Diagnose Your MG?

What tests did doctors run to diagnose your MG?

Were imaging and bloodwork involved in your diagnosis?

  1. I had my thymus gland removed, it took about a year to notice improvements, I'm 65 and doing better than I have in years

    1. Blood work

      1. the AChR test came back 4 times what the borderline number is. I'm immune suppressed because of Kidney transplant so that stunned me. I just started on Mestinon in November. Seems to me with an antibody count that high I should be doing plex but I hesitate to ask about it because all my blood vessels are shot from doing dialysis in the distant past and it seems too much like doing dialysis again.

        1. Hey! Never be afraid to ask questions, and use up all the time in your appointments! Have you considered a port to ease the stress and risk to your veins? - Jodi, Team Member

      2. We were really fearing that they were not going to believe the diagnosis and been thrown back into confusion again. No positive blood tests at all. But the SFEMG was totally positive. We salute a persistent and insightful young doctor. Juliana (MG Team Member)

        1. absolutely. I was fortunate to find an ER doc who knew the latest and acted very quickly to help me through the worst of a crisis.

        2. Same! I was diagnosed on my first ER visit when I was having a crisis, a fairly young doctor!
          Jodi, Team Member

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