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CBD and how it is good or bad for myasthenic patients.

With sore muscles I would like to use CBD cream. I am concerned that the weak muscles might not respond well. At the same time would it be a real benefit>

  1. Thanks Jodi. I have tied a little with a handmade cream. The relief didn't last very long but I only used a little. My neurologist suggested I try some and see how it works for me.

    1. Hi Gramma! I hope you are functioning well today. I have yet to try CBD cream, but I have great luck with CBD gummies for MG! However, I notice a difference with a very high mg, 1000, but I have a high THC tolerance. I would start with the dosage typically sold in stores is 25mg, which I would begin with. Just know there is a higher dosage available online, which might be needed to combat MG symptoms. It helps my appetite from medications as well as weakness and fatigue.

      I also have had luck with specific muscle rubs that are handmade rather than over the counter! Sadly the one I like now isn't sold online, or I would recommend it.

      CBD may also work with you only in different forms, so experiment with it. Just try to not spend too much on one item without knowing it works for you. If you purchase CBD from a marijuana dispensary, they often will allow you to make returns if you don't like something 😀 - Jodi, Myasthenia-Gravis Team Member

      1. CBD should have *no* THC delta9 in it. That is from marijuana and is the federally banned form. Any type of THC must be recorded on the label. CBD may be useful orally(gummies), but I doubt it’s worth much as a hand cream.
        Having said that, there is a weaker form of THC that comes from hemp which is legal federally due to a farm bill that allows use of all products derived from hemp. 🧐. This is delta8 THC, somewhat weaker that delta9. I find it useful for major back pain. That it helps with mg pain is bonus! You may get high from it though, and I don’t like that side effect tbh. Be careful with your dosage. Start with ¼ gummy first and go from there. It will Thames 1-2 hours to hit as well, so be patient before eating more!
        Hope this clears thins a little for you!

    2. , that is a very good question!! While I have never tried it myself, I do know that for some people they do find relief for many different reasons not sure specifically for MG. If I would be inclined to try CBD cream or any form of CBD. I would for me, anyway, check with my Dr. first. As that would be absorbed into the body and "could" interact with other medications. Just one of the things I think about before using things like this. MG is hard enough without other added problems. Best of luck!! Sally team member

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