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Which doctor is your primary doctor for your MG?

Who do you see for your care around your myasthenia gravis diagnosis?

  1. I found a great neurologist within an hour's drive. He was amazing when I had a crisis last September. I spent six days in the hospital, but have not been back since due to the success with IVIG in combination with some other drugs (Mestinon, Prednisone). On the down side, I've had to move away from several other medical professionals who were not at all familiar with MG and in fact, recommended some dangerous actions, mostly by prescribing drugs that are clearly not appropriate for MG patients.

    1. Having the trust within your neurologist must feel great. It sounds like you received amazing care following the crisis I'm glad you are responding to IVIG as well. It is not always easy to advocate for yourself at the doctor's office. Kudos to you for seeking out the care you deserve. Best, Lauren ( Team)

  2. Because my husband is (late onset) triple negative, diagnosis was a long process. We worked from pcp to the head neurologist in a major hospital system with consult from Mayo Clinic. The system keeps all the various specialists in the loop. Juliana ( team).

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