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Confidence in your treatment regimen?

How easily or difficult is it for you to have faith and confidence in your treatment regimen?

Has this changed over time?

Do you doubt faith in doctor decisions or your own choices in your treatment regimen more?

  1. Not at all

    1. We are truly sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. How long have you been experiencing doubt in your treatment?

      - Jodi, Team Member

  2. Does it anyone have an issue with floaters

    1. Eye floaters are not recognized as a symptom of or associated with Myasthenia gravis. Still, they, of course, can occur together. How long have you been dealing with eye floaters? Do you also deal with ocular MG symptoms affecting your vision?

      - Jodi, Team Member

  3. It seems to control my symptoms unless I forget to take on time.

    1. glad to hear your current treatment regimen is proving to be helpful. I hope it continues to be beneficial for you. Please know our community is here for you anytime. Kindly, Jessica (Team Member)

  4. Not enough

    1. I'm really sorry to hear that. What do you think is causing you to feel uncertain or hopeless about your treatment?
      - Jodi, Team Member

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