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Could I have MG?

Two weeks after receiving the COVID 19 booster dose, I began to feel dizzy and light-headed while walking. All of my blood work came back normal. I went to the ER, saw a doctor, and had every possible test done, but no root cause was discovered.

I was diagnosed with COVID a month later, in December. The symptoms were really modest. I thought I was done with it.

Fast forward to the end of April, when I went to my eye doctor for my yearly general checkup. She suggested I consult a Neuro-optomologist after the exam because she suspects I have MG.

I went to my pcp who is also a infection disease doc.

I am waiting to see a neurologist and neuro optomologist next.

Initial Acetylcholine test were negative so I research that they're are more antibodies. I asked my pcp to run them, and he did.

These are the results: does this mean I have MG?

acetylcholine receptor binding <0.30 (tested twice negative )

Acetylcholine receptor blocking <15 (negative)

Acetylcholine receptor modulating <1 (negative)

Striated Muscle AB (negative)

Striated Muscle AB titier (not performed)

Anti-LRP4 - Borderline

Anti Musk - negative

HS CRP - 3.0

See Rate - 14

As you can see my LRP4 came back borderline. Would this indicate a positive antibodies to MG?

I am waiting to see a neurologist and neuro optomologist next month.

  1. Hi. I had a covid booster and had a severe reaction which precipitated inflammation and an extended immune response. I've now been diagnosed with seronegative MG. Whether the Covid booster triggered a dormant MG or caused it no one knows. I was perfectly healthy up until then, in fact did a 24 mile bike ride the day before the shot. A smaller percentage of folks don't test positive on the antibodies but there is much more to a definitive diagnosis, so it's good that you will be seeing a neuro. If they aren't familiar with treating and diagnosing MG, ask for someone who is! Not all neuros have experience with MG as it is rare in terms of total population, and some don't believe you can have it if you are seronegative. Don't let them tell you that; if they do, get a second opinion from a more experienced neuro. Best of luck!

    1. my dr also starting to say it could have been the Covid shots I never ever had a problem when diagnosed with thymona cancer in 2008 until this past yr. Ended in hospital plasma aphersis 10 treatments thought I had the flu!! And another pt with MS had a flair up after yrs being fine! Something is up but no CDC saying. Also 3 drs told me not to get the booster! Just do your research!

    2. Yes yes yes

  2. Worldofb, I'm so sorry you're having problems and still don't have a diagnosis or treatment. However, you are doing the correct thing of staying persistent in finding out what's wrong and getting the appropriate treatment for it.

    Unfortunately, we are not qualified to read lab tests or provide diagnosis. Instead, I can offer you articles to read about myasthenia. We can provide you support and talk about what has helped us, but MG patient's disease and treatment are as different as we as individuals are. Once a diagnosis is reached, treatment can begin. It may or may not be exactly what you need to begin with. Sometimes appropriate treatment is found right away, sometimes it takes a little trial and error.

    Just try to be patient during the process, but if you have any distress, such as breathing, seek medical attention immediately. In the meantime, be sure to document your symptoms, treatments, reaction to the treatments, and anything else that may be of importance. Take that documentation with you when you see your new physicians, but don't stop documenting. Always keep records so your physicians can keep up with your symptoms and treatment. Have a friend or family member also advocate for you. You'll find it's always easier if you have support from someone. We are here for you, if you have other questions or concerns.

    I'm including 3 links that may help.

    Best wishes - Janice ( Team)

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