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Does Anything Help Your Double Vision And/or Droopy Eyes?

Do you have Myasthenia gravis symptoms of diplopia (double vision) or ptosis (drooping eye)?

Has anything helped you? Medication, surgery, tape, glasses, contacts, eye drops, etc.?

- Jodi, Team Member

  1. Hi, I'm new to this platform.
    I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Gary. I live in northern California, Petaluma to be exact. I'm 67, white, retired, and try to be positive with life and helpful to others. I'm also a proud grandfather of 3, and a father to a very special daughter.
    I've been dealing with ocular myostia gravis since 2012. I feel fortunate. I feel I haven't suffered as badly as most, but it has progressed.
    I hope to meet and share with others. It's become more and more difficult to share with others, that don't understand, what this affection is all about.
    I've got to go, but it's nice to meet others I might be able to share with.
    Nite all, Gary

    1. Hey Gary! We love seeing new members introduce themselves and tell a little about their unique MG journey on our stories page. If you are interested, here's the link:
      Jodi, Team Member

  2. Using a refreshing refrigerate gel eye masks, close eyes to rest them.. or refrigerate face clothes, dampened.. lay over eyes,( u can use warm ones too, when I do warm face clothes I use eye cram then Vaseline to moisturize lashes & all round eyes, & lids..) so u get a beauty treatment at same time! Very refreshing helps recoup muscles.. 15 minutes is good.. hope u try this!

    1. Glasses

      1. mine shifted as well for 18 months, it has stabilized in the same area for now. Some days I still see double but it gets better when I relax.

      2. Here is an article:
        Jodi, Team Member

    2. nothing for droopy eyes both are now drooping

      1. Sending much compassion your way! Have you attempted any treatments?

        Jodi, Team Member

      2. Hi, I am new here but wanted to share this. Also I am not saying it will work for all but it has majorly helped me. My doctor gave me Apraclonodine Ophthalmic drops. Works like a charm. One drop in the eye three times a day. Honestly I only use it if I am going to a special function or if it is particularly bad that day. It works on the Muller eye muscle. Hope this helps 😃.

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