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Leg and Foot Cramping and Pain

Many individuals with Myasthenia gravis report having intensive leg/foot cramps and pain, most specifying this occurring predominately at night.

Do you experience leg pain? Describe the sensation, and if you note the treatments you are on, that would be great. Pyridostigmine is associated with cramping. But from personal experience, I believed this to cause my leg pain until I stopped mestinon, which has continued. I am sure many of you are the same way.

I look forward to seeing any trends we may note with our community here and our lower body cramps experiences.

Feel free to share any advice you have found for relief 😀
- Jodi, Team Member

  1. Yes, calf cramps.

    1. Hi we appreciate you taking the time to share. How are you doing with the calf cramping this week? Do you find anything provides you with some relief, even just temporarily? I hope so. Wishing you well. -Jessica, Team Member

  2. Yes, hip and knee joint as well as neck

    1. Generalized pain. Aches.burning sensation

      1. Yes, aches and burning sensation, also joint pain

        1. Does anything you have discovered bring you some degree of relief? -Jodi, Team Member

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