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Has anyone had a transternal thymectomy?

I had a transternal thymectomy about 14 weeks ago. Whenever I lay down then get up, seems like my chest sticks to whatever is on the inside of it where the incision is located. Hope that makes sense. Any knowledge is appreciated.

  1. I've written a bit about the pain I experienced after my transsternal thymectomy in these discussion posts: and, and I saw you comment on my latest article about tips.

    Even now, I have had prolonged pain two years later with the area around my wires and feel like they move or rip the tissue around them. I have been assured with imaging that they are secure. However, I've read a lot of studies and scientific literature about the wires leading to pain. And I think this could relate to your incision. There are instances in which odd healing inside can occur, such as scarring or weird ways the area healed that can lead to discomfort. I have not read anything about this discomfort in the incision area being dangerous. But, of course, who wants continuous pain in such a sensitive area?

    There is the option to remove the wires. They would go and reopen the original incision and close it back up. This could result in the same discomfort you have now because you never know how it could reheal. But it could heal better without the wires. Could you describe the sensation you have a bit more? Are there other situations in which you notice discomfort around the region?
    Jodi, Team Member

    1. Hello Lipa, I hope you feel better soon . When I had my surgery 9 years ago, I remember that I felt tightness in my chest even if I took a breath or lay down on the bed. It took time for my body to adapt to the operation. Try not to exhaust yourself and do not carry anything heavy, and the best thing is
      to contact your doctor to make sure that everything is fine.
      Hoping you find strength with each new day.

      1. Hello I'm sorry you are experiencing this feeling. I had a thymectomy as well but I can't recall this symptom post surgery. I hope you were able to contact your doctor about this. If you could keep us updated with your status that would be highly appreciated. Thank you and feel better - Jazmin (MG team member)

        1. Thank you for such great concern and support. I found that it is scar tissue and should clear up. Actually it is feeling better each week I have noticed. I do massage it every once in a while. For me there are still some movements I still can’t do without some discomfort such as pushing with my elbows getting up from bed. But I think eventually I will feel fine. Will take time.

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