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Pregnant with MG

Hello everyone,

I've been away for quite some time now and that is due to the fact that I found out me and my hubby are expecting our 3rd child. I've been extremely fatigue and I have 24hr morning sickness. Not to be a downer but I typically explain my emotions as feeling miserable. Which sucks because I really wanted to enjoy this pregnancy and this experience so far has been everything but enjoyable.

Thankfully I havent had any MG related symptoms and that's something that's constantly on my mind. I just have the fatigue that doesnt seem to get any better. Today I was heart broken when my 3 year old son wanted to play and I told his I needed to take a nap and he looked at me and said, "mommy you nap all the time" I wanted to cry. But after that he ended up taking a nap with me.

I'm still in my first trimester so maybe when I reach 4 months things will get better.

- Jazmin (team member)

  1. Jazmin, I had symptoms for 20+ years, 10 of them serious but they were scattered and I wasn't diagnosed until after giving birth to my second child sent me from being in the best shape of my life after fighting back from my first daughter's birth, to massive weakness and bulbar symptoms. I so sympathize now with your situation of not knowing how your body will deal with what it has to endure. And that mommy failure feeling.
    It is truly my belief that we are meant to be the parents of the children we are given and that whatever they go through because of it will help them be patient and kind and strong in the future.
    I'll be thinking of you often and hopefully the child has no postpartum MG. My 5 year old still has some but does pretty well.
    Hang in there!

    1. I think for me, having symptoms since childhood, the transition was more interestingly like a relief. It wasn't just that I didn't push myself hard enough. I found out before diagnosis that pushing myself only made me sicker. I had gotten fed up with seeming strong but having no stamina and with trying to improve physically and never getting anywhere and I was pushing myself so much. I was doing two workouts a day plus walks with little babies at home and a disabled sister to take care of and I had been eating less than 20 grams carbs a dato for 3 years and only managed to lost 70 lbs, which doesn't seem like enough when you start at 330. I finally ended up unable to walk now than 10 steps, talk, breathe, swallow, or keep my eyes open during the day or closed at nought before I was diagnosed.
      And then I realized that I was not meant to push myself. Not trying to turn this conversation religious at all, but I believe Jesus is my savior and I have absolutely gotten to the point during all of this where I was unable to do much other than lay on my side and talk in my own head to God.
      It became clear to me then that for me, the important thing is to put my relationship with God first and let all else follow or fall away if needed.
      Some days it really boiled down to me just sitting there praying because it was all I could do. That gave me purpose even when immobile, and hope as well.
      Things really crystallize when you're that still and unable to push out of it.
      Now that I can do more I found balance actually much harder. But, I try to remind myself of those days and that for me, if I can just put the first things first, the rest falls in line.
      I'm glad you're managing so well. I'll be praying over you.

    2. Amen. This is so beautiful. When I feel empty and unable to perform to my own standards I will cry and give it to God. God will remind me that I'm not supposed to perform or live up to MY OWN standards but his and I'm quickly given peace and am able to go about my day in a different light.
      I had to find out the hard way that pushing myself was a bad idea. I never wanted to be a burden to my parents or siblings. I always tried to do everything myself and when I knew I was digging an early grave for myself I became appreciative and humble real quick.
      I can see how symptoms throughout your childhood can be a sense of relief. Please correct me if I get this wrong but it must have been easier to adapt to, "this is how my life is going to be" status quo?
      Thank you for praying for me and I will do the same for you and the community. - Jazmin (team member)

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