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Reference ranges make no sense

I had a myasthenia gravis work up from LabCorp and the reference ranges do not match the reference ranges that I was able to find on Mayo clinic's website here's a picture of both. What is going on? The difference between the reference range cut off being 0.2 and 0.02 is literally a factor of 10. There's no way that these can be correct am I miss reading something or does LabCorp have a completely negligent mistake here. The following is a link to these two images

  1. Jingojango, I am by no means an authority on these tests. However, I have done some reading on this and maybe this will help explain:

    There are three types of AChR antibodies that may be tested:

    AChR binding antibodies
    AChR blocking antibodies
    AChR modulating antibodies

    My suggestion is to make an appointment with your neurologist and discuss your results and concerns with him/her. This forum should in no way take the place of your physician's knowledge and your interaction with him/her. Hope this helps in some way.

    Best wishes - Janice ( Team)

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