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What exercise routines do you enjoy with MG?

Share how you stay active! Do you exercise in the morning or in the evening? How do you know how much exercise is too much? This forum post is an open place to share about your experience with exercise.

  1. I only exercise in the evening or nighttime because if I do it too early, I might not have the muscle strength for breathing and swallowing.

    1. Hi there. I enjoy the forums they are most informative. I have puzzle I've recently been diagnosed with mg and Parkinson's so, what should I be looking at for exercise? I can't get too much out of my neurologist as this one really stumps him

      1. So glad you find our forums informative! We actually have a sister site dedicated to Parkinson's and I did a quick search for exercise which resulted in a ton of articles on the topic: As far as exercise with MG, I wanted to share a few articles with you that you might find helpful:,,, Sending positive thoughts your way! - Kaitlyn (Team Member)

    2. Before I got sick, I was an avid cyclist. Car free for 3 years too. One of the hardest things for me at first was not being able to ride because my balance is terrible now. I eventually found out about recumbent trikes and purchased one and has an e-assist system installed. Now on a good day I can bike without balance issues and get in 15 miles or so, riding without the motor assist until I get tired and then adding in e-assist levels as needed. No worry about not getting home if the legs crap out; I can put it on
      cruise control and not pedal, just steer, if I'm too weak. I've already noticed a big improvement in my muscle development (which degraded to nothing after 6 months of complete inactivity). And being able to still do all my errands, etc., helps my mood too. I've got a stander umbrella folding walker that I strap on the rear cargo rack so I can get off the trike and go into stores, etc. Literally saved me from feeling like I'd lost everything.

      1. This is so wonderful to read. Even when you might think you are all out of options, if you look a little closer you'll find there is another way! I am so glad you have found this bicycle alternative and that you have found our community, I hope it helps you to remember you are not alone. Sending big hugs your way!! Best, Kaitlyn (Team Member)

    3. I took up photography years ago and taking nature walks with my camera is a great way to get exercise. Stopping to take pictures gives your body the rest often needed when your body tells you it doesn't feel like continuing. I also find nature to be the most relaxing place to be. Love it.

      1. , What a wonderful way to get exercise & relax at the sometime!! What do you do with the pictures you take? Love to see some of them! Keep on going & happy travels'. Sally...(team member)

      2. Hi Sally I have joined this group as well. I sometimes sell them but have not done it recently. We did a farmers market and a friend owned a gift shop here in the Boston. Sadly she passed suddenly and my wife was tired of working Saturdays after 10 years. We have a place on Cape Cod so I enjoy sunrises and sunsets as well as traveling all over the country. Love the southwest. It is such a nice relaxing hobby I suggest it to everyone to take it up. You don't have to walk long distances if you don't want to. Morning fog New Brunswick Canada

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