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What exercise routines do you enjoy with MG?

Share how you stay active! Do you exercise in the morning or in the evening? How do you know how much exercise is too much? This forum post is an open place to share about your experience with exercise.

  1. I live in a sub- tropical part of Australia, so throughout the year I swim or water jog three days per week. I also do aqua core body exercises twice a week. Some days it's hard to manage to workout for my goal times but I keep a routine of at least getting in the pool & a determination to do what I can

    1. That's fantastic!
      Jodi, Team Member

  2. Walking is a go to for me even when I'm very bad. I did have a few months I couldn't. I also like Essentrics and YAYOG (You are your own gym) workouts on DVD. Essentrics really helps with muscle pain and cramps and clearing lymph.

    1. I’m new to MG and started Mestinon about 3 weeks ago. It made a huge difference but I still want more! I want to be able to do the exercises and activities that I could do before, but I’m afraid that will never happen. At this point, it’s still exciting to be able to buy groceries for myself instead of having to use Instacart. So I count grocery shopping as “exercise” and make sure my step counter is capturing those precious steps.

      A year ago my routine was to get up early, walk 1.5-2 miles with my greyhound, do 30-45 minutes on my elliptical, shower, breakfast and be at my computer by 8am. Those days are long gone now.

      Since starting Mestinon, I’ve been able to work up to a short walk when the med is at peak levels. But I tried doing that same walk at noon in the heat and sun the other day and barely made it back home. I was very disheartened by that.

      I used to be a long-distance swimmer and would like to try swimming and see how I do with it, but I don’t have easy access to a pool.

      1. How are you doing now?? Yes, that heat and sun is a killer of activity for us. Are you on any treatment for MG. Other than taking Mestinon for the symptoms? Here is some great information for MG, check out the newly diagnosed. Best Wishes... ❄️Sally (team member).

    2. I am retired and during my working years after being diagnosed in 2010 with MG, I was afraid to exercise since it would bring on extreme fatigue. Now, after joining the YMCA under the Silver Sneakers program for senior, I’ve proofed that I can enjoy water resistance exercises in their beautiful pool. I go every morning, 5 days a week for 30 minutes of exercise. I use a swim noodle and small yoga ball. I learned how to use these efficiently after many years of water aerobics in my younger years. I also use the pull up bars at the pool to do chin ups, when I can. So grateful that my endurance is getting better and my muscles are loving it. I take 1 mestinon before I head to the pool then Cellcept when I get home and then Cellcept again before I go to bed. Used to take more mestinon at lunch and dinner, but don’t really need it anymore. Might take 1 mestinon towards evening if I am going to be out and about. As long as I keep up this schedule and take a 1 1/2 hour nap every afternoon I seem stable. So far so good and it feels great to workout in the water.

      1. I was also afraid that exercising after diagnosis could induce a flare. I was mostly scared to start having problems breathing. It sounds like you are MOTIVATED, that's awesome, and I am so glad you chose to join a group with like-minded individuals there to improve their health. What sort of exercise are you doing while in the pool?
        - Jodi, Team Member

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