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Did you test positive for any MG antibodies?

AChR, MuSk, LRP4? Are you seronegative? Don't know or not sure? Share your experiences here.

  1. just asked about what I need to know from my neuro. I want to know as much as I can.

    1. @katsim57 Please keep us posted! I hope our community here has been a place of information and support for you 💙 - Kaitlyn ( Team)

    2. hi Katsim57. I feel your concern of trying to get to the bottom of things for a correct diagnosis. I too have neurology appointments but no diagnosis yet. My username her is TurningStones. I try to ask questions to Janice K. She and Zach have both been very helpful so I can at least look into the information they have suggested as well as listen to all yhe voices here of experience. Good luck on with neuro appointment as well and to getting answers and help!

  2. I have tested positive for achr n nerve conduction test ... M checking achr in every month n the results is still positive but decreased than before

    1. I've tested positive twice for AChR Binding Abs, AChR Blocking Abs, AChR Modulating Abs and Anti-Striation Abs. All of the results have been very high so far.

      1. Hello again, Doug! Appreciate you getting back to me. Goodness, you're managing a lot. What a year this must have been for you since (a correct, finally) diagnosis. I really hope the physical therapy helps with your bursitis. Please do keep us posted on your progress if you'd like! To change your profile picture, ensure that you're logged in and then head to "Account Settings" from the upper right hand corner of the screen. From there, you should be able to upload a photo! I appreciate your kind words as we get our community off its feet. If you have any suggestions for us or ideas on what you'd like to see here, please feel free to shoot them my way! I'm one of the Community Managers on the site. Hope you've been having a gentle weekend 😀 -Alesandra ( Team)

      2. m uploading my pictures in profile ..this is my current pics .... My taking steriod n others many medication too face is like moon face. body r odema n obesity .. totallly changed. .. thymectomy done for me ( for having thymoma ) before this Operation ivig took

    2. I don't test positive for MG through any of the current tests available! I have treatment refractory MG. The doctors all agree that I do have Myasthenia, it is just some form that they haven't seen before! The only positive test I had was a tensilon test way back in 1995. I have had a lot of success with Rituxan.

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