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Do You Have a Caregiver?

Do you have a caregiver?

Is your caregiver someone you hired or a loved one?

What has been your experience? Any advice for someone looking for or considering the assistance of a caregiver?
- Jodi, Team Member

  1. No

    1. how have you been doing this week? I hope it is kind to you. <3 Please feel free to reach out anytime. We care and are here for you. -Jessica, Team Member

  2. Yes, a wonderful one. My husband of 56 years. Sometimes I feel like he worries so much it can be to much . But in a wonderful way because he loves me and wants to protect me as much as he can.

    1. this warms my heart. <3 It sounds like you have one amazing husband, who cares so deeply for you. How are you doing this week? We appreciate you being here and sharing. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    2. I think you will resonate with this article: https://myasthenia-gravis.com/living/impact-on-spouse
      -Jodi, Team Member

  3. My husband is my main caregiver. I am awaiting diagnosis and he's amazing. I can take care of my needs but he brings me things from time to time and takes care of my small children, cooking, cleaning and shopping. He also is the one who takes me to any doctors appointments.

    1. he sounds like a wonderful soul! So glad you have him. Awaiting an accurate diagnosis can be agonizing- our community gets it. If we can help you locate any MG related information while you await a diagnosis, please reach out. We're here to help! Sending so many comforting hugs and positive vibes your way. -Jessica, Team Member

    2. How wonderful!! We hope your family has a blessed holiday season. Best of luck with the diagnosis. Let us know if you have any questions!
      Jodi, Team Member

  4. no

    1. Would you benefit from one? Is there anything impacting your ability to have one?
      Jodi, Team Member

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