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How Do You Cope With Hot Temperatures?

Summer is almost here. Does the heat worsen your Myasthenia gravis symptoms? Which ones?

How often are you outdoors in the hot temperatures? When you are outside in the heat, how do you cope?

- Jodi, Team Member

  1. How I cope with hot weather? To begin with, I lived in Houston Texas until 2007 when I had an opportunity to move to South Dakota. I can now enjoy summer. Winter is another topic but cold bothers me less than heat.

    1. I am so happy that the move was possible for you! What activities have you enjoyed since the move?

      - Jodi, Team Member

    2. At first I could do exponentially more. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate incidents caused my MG to worsen and I'm more limited now. I have a handicap license plate, after my neurologist recommended it. I pay for lawn mowing. Etc. But I am no longer housebound and can still do short shopping trips. If I was still in Austin I would be total shut-in at this point. So it's still great to be in Colorado.

  2. I find that when the time of the day goes up my energy goes down to very weak and I lose my appetite. I was a sun person at one time but even before I was diagnosed with MG I remember that the heat seemed to bother me but I thought I was just getting old.. now i hide in doors and wait for the cooler evening to go out
    gerald mee

    1. Have you accommodated your eating throughout the day since you've experienced decreased appetite later in the day?
      - Jodi, Team Member

  3. even though the house has A/C I use a fan.

    1. Living in the desert southwest, we try to limit outside activities or excursion to early morning when it is cooler or, if necessary, when the sun is lower in the sky. However, life doesn’t always allow us to do, so we make sure to: 1) Always carry ice and Cold water with us, and 2) always have extra bottles of water in the car to refill the iced bottle. One can splash a little water on when needed for extra cooling. I find that to be helpful for me as I navigate this new-to-me stage of life.

      1. How is your body handling this summer compared to your past summers before your diagnosis? What things are you doing differently? Has there been any limitations?
        - Jodi, Team Member

      2. - as I’ve gotten older, I have found the heat to be increasing difficult to handle, but now even more so! As I mentioned above, I always have cold water with and avoid mid-day trips as much as I can. The heat exhausts me and recently caused me to experience my first extreme fatigue event. It took a couple days to recover, but I learned quickly what not to do and what I can now do.

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