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How Do You Cope With Hot Temperatures?

Summer is almost here. Does the heat worsen your Myasthenia gravis symptoms? Which ones?

How often are you outdoors in the hot temperatures? When you are outside in the heat, how do you cope?

- Jodi, Team Member

  1. I live in the sub-tropics & really I don't cope very well at all when the weather gets hot. For most of my adult life I have hit the wall badly once our long summer arrives. I completly lost my ability to sweat a few years ago so I'm really careful to stay as cool as possible. I time outings to early mornings or evenings & frequent air conditioned venues wherever possible. Fortunately I live in a home that catches cool breezes & have air-conditioning throughout. I'd move to a cool zone but my partner of 50 years can't tolerate the cold lol.

    1. Hot weather I breakout the steel ice vest..last about 4 hours then found a wearable air conditioner that goes around the neck...and last bit the most impact on me was antidepressants gave me the mindset that mg was not going to control my life!!

      1. That's a good Idea. I normally pull the neck fans out when me and my family go to amusement parks. I'm not sure why I didn't think of just wearing them around the house or when going to the grocery store. - Jazmin (MG team member)

    2. I do battle to contol my body temp. Hot and cold. If I am cold I cant get warm. Its frustrating. The slightest change in the weather affects me. If I am cold i can even sit in a hothouse but wont heat up

      1. I can very well relate to this! Unless it's extremely hot & humid, the cold actually bothers me much more, which surprises me. I had heat stroke many, many years ago. Cold causes increased pain all over my body, especially my feet, legs, hands, & arms. How does your body respond to the cold?

        I sit in front of a heater, use a heating pad, & cover up with blankets to warm myself when everyone else is comfortable. The heater & heating pad work well, but still, it takes a while, especially if I get really chilled. What do you do to warm yourself & how do you cope in the cold months?

        Hope you are handling this cold spell well many of us have been coping with the last few weeks. Stay safe & warm. Best wishes! - Janice (Myasthenia-Gravis.com Team)

    3. af6f73 how does the cold winter affect anyone?

      1. Oh no don't come to Oklahoma we're hitting 32F. LOL - Jazmin (MG team member)

      2. misery to the point I can't wait for late spring & warm weather. Stay safe & warn! - Janice (Myasthenia-Gravis.com Team)

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