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How do you cope with flare-ups during the holidays?

I know many of us love the holiday season, but with much running around some of us can have a difficult time keeping our symptoms at bay.

What symptoms do you have during the holiday season?

How do you cope with them?

What advice can you give to others that may be having a difficult time during this season?

  1. Yes, the colder weather can cause many of us to get sick, myself included. Sadly, it's hard to find something for us MGer's to take. Seems like when we get sick it takes our bodies twice as long to get better. I do take pride in disinfecting my house and yes hand sanitizer is a must when going out. Thank goodness for online shopping. What activities do you and your boyfriend like to do? - Jazmin (MG team member)

    1. with all the busyness of the holiday season, spending time with family and friends, and doing fun activities, it can be quite exhausting and end up triggering symptoms. I like to come up with a fall back plan in case my plans to go out with friends or family fails due to my symptoms. If i can't do the activity i wanted to because i'm going through a flare up, i typically end up watching a movie with my sister at home or relaxing. This way, I can still enjoy the holiday season while recovering or avoiding triggering more symptoms

      1. I seem to be going through this now. I've been running around non-stop and my fatigue has been at an all time high. Even yesterday I took 2 naps during the day went to bed at 9pm and was wide awake at 2am (still awake now). Watching holiday movies and building puzzles with my family are 2 of my favorite activities. - Jazmin (MG team member)

    2. I am always one to get sick during the winter, so my boyfriend and I are doing our best to limit our exposure to others during these months. Always have hand sanitizer on hand!
      Jodi, Team Member

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