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How does the heat affect you?

Yesterday I took a walk, the distance I've been able to work up to since starting Mestinon a few weeks ago. Nowhere near how far I could walk a year ago, but still.

At any rate, due to my schedule, I couldn't go in the morning per usual and ended up trying to do it around noon. The sun was out and it was 75 degrees F. Not too bad, I thought. But oh man, I thought I would die. I about melted and barely made it home.

I sort of recovered after about 30-60 minutes of sitting in front of the fan with a cold drink, but was wobbly the rest of the day and even today I still feel weaker than I have since I started Mestinon.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to exercise when it gets REALLY hot, with lows in the 80s and highs in the 90-100 degree range. I think I will not be able to, but will have to do indoor exercises.

If anyone has tips, tricks, or advice, I would appreciate it very much.

    1. Thank you very much!

  1. Thanks, Jodi. Both newly diagnosed and new to any kind of treatment. I appreciate your reply.

    1. Hey Sarah! Are you newly diagnosed or new to treatment? I live in Florida and am greatly affected by the heat. When I was first diagnosed and started mestinon, I could barely last a few minutes in the sun and heat. I would drink a ton of water but then had to pee every few minutes. After a few months of mestinon and starting immunosuppressants, I tolerated the hot conditions better. It still wears me out and makes me feel extremely tired at times. But I can withstand much more now, almost three years after my diagnosis. There will be varying days, but always give yourself lots of breaks and access to shade if you need it.
      - Jodi, Team Member

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