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IVIG Side Effects

IVIG delivers healthy antibodies to improve an MG flare or crisis but can cause side effects. Headaches, chills, dizziness, and fluid retention are commonly reported (

What rate of flow was the nurse doing? Did slowing it, if that was tried, lessen symptoms?

  1. no

    1. from Poppy.

      1. I do Have to go to the restroom more than normal while getting IVIG, Everytime we switch a bottle I run.
        I have noticed lately I have had some Restroom issues that I have never had before I was diagnosed with MG. Any ideas from anyone with making things easier?
        I still choose happy Angel B Roberts

        1. I think you may find the links above that Kaitlyn shared to be of interest - Jodi, Team Member

        2. thank you so much for the info. I just had such a bad reaction to vyvgart recently, then we went back to IVIG but had phlebitis occur in my arm with that. I have worse MG symptoms after all these problems so actually I'm not wishing to do anything at this point, or at least until my body rests this out.

      2. Hi Jodi, I receive IVIG infusions every three weeks over 2 days, 4 or5 hours per day for a total of 90 MG of gamma globulin. SpAfter 3 sessions I have not experienced any headaches or other side effects. I try to be very hydrated at all times and maybe that helps. Rate of flow is determined by the pharmacy supplying the drug. So far they have been spot on for no side effects.

        1. Hi Paul

          That is wonderful you have had no issues with using different brands! I literally just learned from reading the comment before you that the infusion speed varies if the gamma globulin count differs. It is good to know pharmacies and companies supply accurate instructions 😀- Jodi, Team Member

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