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Muscle Weakness

I have been falling for 3 years, in the last 2 years I've fallen 22 time. With good luck so far haven't broken anything. But I am afraid to go outside the house, meanwhile I am so weak. I haven't driven for 3 months but my driver is getting married and I might really be in a pickle. I am scheduled to start PT and they are unfamiliar with MG. Does anyone else have this symptom and had therapy, haven't really seen this particular problem.

  1. I fell twice in the year prior to seeing double which was the first indication I might have MG. I requested my doctor prescribe fall-prevention physical therapy after the second fall. The doctor said that when we get older we don't pick our feet up and that was probably the reason I fell. He was right about how I fell, but not the cause which was elusive at that time.

    1. Well it happened. I fell down 7 carpeted steps. Lost it in bathroom twice then scooted on butt to top stairs thinking I could do steps on butt one at a time. I*ve done this numerous times in the past. Arms too weak. Slid, step at a time, all the way to the bottom like a slide. Broke back, L4 and 5. The beast got me, a new problem, just wears you out.

      1. My deepest sympathies. How terrible. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. How are you feeling now, and what does healing look like with this type of injury?
        - Jodi, Team Member

      1. manlymuffin... I too have fallen many times. I was in PT for spinal issues unrelated to MG (but did cause Mg symptoms like walking & breathing to be worse,). The first Pt therapist I had was very familiar with MG. He not only was a Pt therapist but also a Massage Therapist. I was also scheduled for a hernia surgery 2 weeks after starting Physical therapy.
        He started with the basic pretty much strait massage. (I am also a former licensed Massage therapist myself. Went to massage school after a big flare. At the time an undiagnosed neurological condition, that turned out to be MG. The low impact movement of giving & receiving massages help put me into full remission for 10 years.)
        Anyway, he then went to breathing exercises that help a lot!!
        After surgery the 2nd Pt therapist was less familiar with MG but understood the Acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction. And that I might get fatigued quicker during different sessions.
        The Pt did not only help the spinal issues but my MG symptoms. I still do many of the exercises on a regular basis.
        I am including a link to a brochure about autoimmune MG from the Myasthenia Gravis Association. Your Pt Therapist should understand about the Acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction. Even if not familiar with MG.

        Hugs & Best Wishes!! Sally Farrier... (team member).

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