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Neck Pain

Do you have Myasthenia gravis and experience neck pain?

What does the sensation feel like, and when do you notice it?

Have you found any remedies to help?

As the day progresses and the longer I am left without resting my head or propping it up, the sides and back of my neck become really uncomfortable. My head starts wanting to fall back, creating tension and tightness in my neck and upper back/shoulders.

Deep massages help best, but I don't always have someone around. I try to massage it myself, but this weakens my arms.

Ice helps a lot. I prefer a pack I can tie around my neck and still move around.

I have found a muscle ache cream with Calendula flower, amica flower, St. John's wort herb, prickly ash bark, shungite water, and aloe. Random, but the natural ingredients aren't as harsh as a smell and aren't numbing like other creams.
- Jodi, Team Member

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