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What Part of Your Legs Do You Have Pain or Cramps Most Often?

What part of your legs do you most often experience pain or cramping?

Are you currently on Pyridostigmine (Mestinon), or were you when you were experiencing this?

  1. Have been on Mestinon daily for at least the last 4 years from 240 - 360 mg per day just finished Cyclophade treatment . Have almost full remission ( for next 9 months ) except knees, doctor says maybe rheumatoid arthritis, going for checks next month. As i am of Prednisalone which masks RA in blood tests. The knees have no pain for about a day a week. I have tried keeping them warm, resting for up to 2 days, doesn't seem to be a formula. The only thing certain is after an expedition ( shopping, IVIG infusions, doctors) it is always bad the next day.

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